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Key trends impacting the contractor market in 2023

In 2023, the UK contractor market is undergoing significant shifts and transformations. Understanding these trends is vital for both contractors and employers seeking to navigate this dynamic landscape. In this article, we will explore the five key trends that are shaping the contractor market in the UK in 2023.

5 strategies to attract and retain contractor staff

To secure the best contractors, companies need to adapt their hiring strategies and highlight the benefits that contractors value. This includes offering competitive pay rates, flexible working arrangements, and opportunities for diverse industry experience. In this article, we will explore five effective strategies to attract and retain contractor staff in the UK.

The value of hiring contractors

Hiring contractors have several benefits to an organisation. Read these five key reasons why hiring managers should consider expert contracting professionals.

Rewards and Recognition – What You Need to Know

With over a third of working professionals actively seeking a new role this year, and nearly 50% stating that they are feeling more confident in the job market – Louise Cambell – Director of Robert Walters Ireland - shares why this time of year is crucial to check-in with your employees.

8 ways to communicate with your remote team

The Walters People Mental Health and the Remote Workplace series investigates how managers and team leaders can support the mental health and wellbeing of remote employees during times of uncertainty. Take a look at 8 ways you can communicate with your remote team.

8 tips to support remote employees

Are you leading a team of remote workers? Take a look at 8 practical tips to support the mental health of your remote team to ensure their success and that of your business.

5 tips to support your new hire remotely

How can your new starter access the same level of support from home? In Walters People remote onboarding series, we equip you with the toolset to make the shift to onboarding new talent remotely, overcoming the barriers that come with an absence of human, tangible interactions.

How to create an employee induction remotely

Your new hire is geared up to start, but what will their induction look like? In the Walters People remote onboarding series, we support employers looking to onboard talent from home during turbulent times.

5 tips to gear up your business for remote working

Preparing to onboard staff remotely? it’s important to make sure your business is ‘remote-ready’ to ensure your current team, and any new hires, feel supported to quickly adapt to a home-based working environment. Learn how to get started with five tips to get your business remote-ready.

Onboarding remotely? Stay connected with your new hire

Your employment offer has been accepted, but how you can keep your new starter connected and embed them into your team remotely? In the Walters People remote onboarding series, we equip you with the toolset to make the shift to onboarding remotely. Learn the ways you can employers keep new talent engaged.

Why should you still onboard new talent remotely?

In the Walters People remote onboarding series, we equip you with the toolset to make the shift to onboarding remotely. See why you should still invest in talent during an uncertain business climate.

Hiring temp and contract staff: when do you need them?

It can be difficult to onboard new hires during challenging times or busy periods. Do you have a critical business need? We take you through the scenarios where you would benefit from hiring temp & contract professionals.

How to effectively manage your staff remotely

Working from home or remote working is a top career aspiration for UK employees when searching for a new job opportunity - with over half of the UK’s current workforce working from home at least once or twice a week. Walters People offer top tips on how to effectively manage your remote workforce.

5 tips for a smooth year-end closing

The annual closing period fast approaching, it is known for bringing on a lot of additional stress to accounting professionals. Hiring an interim professional is an easy way for you to provide immediate relief to your staff. Find out more here.

Why telephone interviews are a thing of the past

Telephone interviews are becoming a thing of the past. With the rise in video interviews, we review why video interviews can offer you so much more than telephone interviews and a key solution to remote onboarding. Read more here.

Getting the most out of your on demand video interview

Mobile hiring solutions is driving the recruitment market. At the forefront of the market’s evolution is one-way or on-demand video interviews. Walters People offer top tips on how to get the most out of your on demand video interviews.

Benefits of recruiting temps to your organisation

Is your organiation going through a period of change or a busy season? Hiring temps could be your solution to working through additonal work load

Four tips for recruiting top quality junior finance professionals

Junior finance professionals can bring lots of positive changes and fresh, new outlooks on how you operate due to their most recent and up to date experiences but it can be difficult to recruit and retain them. Here are some top tips to hire junior finance professionals.

The importance of salary benchmarking

Salary benchmarking is a vital part to an organisations success. It ensures all businesses are complying with the current market trends and salaries within their industries. Find out how you can benchmark your business here

Graduates: an asset to your company

Most companies choose experience over knowledge when headhunting for new employees, even in the case of a starter’s role. Here are a few reasons your company will benefit from hiring a graduate

Five tips on writing the perfect job description

Finding the best talent for your business can be made a lot easier simply by follow a few simple steps that ensures your job advert engages and excites candidates, encouraging them to complete an application.

How to manage and motivate your teams remotely

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, organisations must ensure that their management line is well prepared to ensure successful remote management that stimulates productivity and employee motivation. Read some of our top tips here.

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