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Our specialist disciplines

Walters People specialises in recruitment of temporary and temp-to-perm candidates in the following sectors: finance, banking, banking support and management support as well as HR roles. We aim to find the perfect match of the ideal candidate for the client, and the ideal job for the candidate as fast as possible.

Our Walters People UK team is based in London, and with over 15 years of experience they’re experts in the filling roles with the best talent. We operate across Europe with offices based in Belgium, The Netherlands, Spain, France and Ireland.

Our consultants have unrivalled passion, dedication and experience which allows them to find the best match between client and candidate in a short amount of time. 

why we're different

  1. SPEED
    As a minimum, we guarantee to deliver candidate shortlists within 24 hours (contract) and 48 hours (permanent).
    We have developed a learning platform to test candidates’ skills. Meaning you can make objective decisions on a candidate’s capabilities.
    We have digitalised the CV by including videos of candidates describing their experience and skills. Enabling you to make an informed decision and select the right candidate quicker.
    We have digitalised the registration process moving towards best practice, ensuring that there are no gaps in the candidate’s work history or rights to work.

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Our approach

At Walters People our focus is on tailoring our services around our clients and ensuring we deliver the very best service possible. Part of our service offering is that all our consultants are specialists in their market and therefore are well-equipped to offer you the very best industry leading advice. Whether you need to hire a new member of staff, build a new team or need advice on how to go about hiring and retaining your staff, our consultants can offer you excellent advice.

We are a fast-paced recruitment agency and aim to deliver high-quality combined with speed to hire. Our highly experienced and knowledgeable recruitment consultants enables Walters People to find the most suitable candidates that fit all your recruitment needs. 

All of our candidates are carefully selected and interviewed in person by one of our teams. As part of the selection process we take the candidates through what we refer to as the “Walters People Recruitment Academy” where we test recruitment associates on their professional, writing and verbal skills and abilities, as well as checking their references. This ensures that we are putting the very best candidates in front of our clients. 

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Walters People Salary Survey 

The Walters People Salary Survey is a comprehensive salary guide and employment trends across London, containing market updates, hiring advice and salary information. 

The Walters People Salary Survey supplies you with employment trends across a range of industries, hiring advice and tips to help you gain insights in to the hiring market within your indstry. Prehaps you need to employ someone new? The Walters People Salary Survey will help you benchmark the particular position and will ensure you are best positioned to attract and retain top talent in your sector. 

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Walters People Payroll Services

Walters People offer a flexible, reliable and efficient payroll outsourcing service to help take the pressure off our clients. Paying your contract and temporary staff is a basic requirement of any business but it can be a difficult process. 

We will ensure your payroll is accurate and up-to-date with the latest regualtory changes and tax codes. 

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Adify: Your diversity and inclusion recruitment solution 

While employers are continuously under pressure to implement diverse and inclusive strategies into their workplace, developing and implementing these strategies are difficult to maintain. 

Walters People offer a bespoke, in-house model designed to provide recommendations to help you re-shape and improve the way your job adverts are written to ensure they appeal to a more diverse and inclusive workforce.  

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