Do you have a critical business need? Renowned for their specialist skill sets, flexibility and ability to work remotely - with minimal face-time - contractors are an ideal solution where an organisation has a resource requirement but limited time or face-time available to onboard.

With extensive experience in recruiting temporary and contract positions for diverse business requirements, Walters People takes you through 6 scenarios where your business will benefit from recruiting temp and contract staff.

benefits of hiring temp and contract staff

Remote onboarding and remote working

During challenging periods where remote working is allowing you (as much as possible) to maintain ‘business as usual’ operations, onboarding new talent can be a challenge.  

A dispersed, remote team does not allow for the typical approach to onboarding, training, and meet & greets. In a situation where face-to-face interaction is limited, technology and video communication can prove vital for successfully onboarding of new staff.

Accustomed to working remotely and hitting the ground running, contract staff can be the ideal solution to fulfil a business need, with minimal onboarding requirement.

During busy periods with an increased workload, temporary or contract workers can alleviate a short-term skills or resource gap.

Looking for a speedy placement that can adapt quickly to a remote working environment? Due to their experience, they require little or no induction, resources or training seamlessly transitioning into a position. What’s more, a contractor’s experience of working remotely means that their communication via digital means is typically advanced. This means you can maximise their output immediately.

Short-term solution for temporary shortages

During busy periods with an increased workload, temporary or contract workers can alleviate a short-term skills or resource gap. Hiring a contractor can also fulfil a skills shortage temporarily, whilst you continue to recruit a permanent position. This is particularly useful for hiring managers where the recruitment process is more drawn out due to a narrow talent pool with few suitable candidates.

Changes in the law

Changes in legislature, for example Brexit, IR35 and data cleansing, could mean you require short-term resources to support your business to successfully adjust to performing under a new legal framework.

What's more, the proposed changes to the new off-payroll rules have been postponed until April 2021, meaning that for the time being there will be no change to how contractors are onboarded, paid or dealt with.

Time-sensitive projects

To implement specific projects with defined timelines, multiple contract professionals are the ideal solution, with the flexibility to work on projects that can vary in duration, size and national scope.

The breadth of experience contractors will have around project timelines, means that they are well-placed when it comes to prioritising tasks, managing expectations and working to deadlines.  

Implementing a new technology or working practice into your business? Then talented interim leaders are the ideal solution when seeking someone with in-depth, specialist knowledge of how to roll out new technologies, as well as have an understanding of their future potential.

Given the vast experience contractors typically have of projects and organisation size, hiring from this pool allows you to think outside of the strict criteria you may have for permanent staff – thus speeding up time-to-hire.

Business transformation & change

Large-scale projects are a resource-intensive process, demanding the temporary input of professionals with targeted technology expertise to implement fundamental changes to your business.

Senior technology contractors specialising in high-level projects are required to oversee these large and often complex assignments, including business transformation projects, mergers and infrastructure changes.

Filling fixed time gaps

Contractor workers provide invaluable contingency in the instances there are time gaps between employees leaving or starting at your business. For example, where a new permanent hire has a six-month notice period, an interim manager could be a recommended option to temporarily fulfil a role during this time.

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