Many employers see contracting simply as a temporary solution until a permanent hire is found, helping to bridge shortfalls in staff numbers and manage short-term growth.

There are many different advantages to taking on contractors, here we explore the numerous values contractors can bring to a company in all shapes and size, and how they can benefit businesses across all sectors. 

New ideas and skills 

Businesses today have a wide range of needs and requirements that permanent staff simply do not have the capacity to achieve or skills required to meet these needs.  Organisations have a constant need for expertise from third parties, particularly for new project implementations at short-term notice. 

Fix-term contractors or temp workers are often better performers than those in permanent positions because of their exposure to other more advanced companies. They are specialists in their field due to the various working environments they’ve worked in, meaning they can offer unique insights and solutions to existing company problems.

Contractors can help avert internal company biasness and help facilitate conflicting perceptions to help direct  the business in the most effective way possible. Their fresh perspectives  helps you to gain new ideas and implement required changes.

Cost saving solutions 

Contractors are cost-effective resources to accommodate project-driven demands and unexpected upturn in internal operations and systems. Outsourcing is a great way of saving money in comparison to taking on permanent employees. Consider the following:

  • No holiday, sick or overtime pay
  • Reduced overhead costs
  • Insurance covered by agency 
  • Tax and pension dealt with by contractor 
  • Controlled staffing budget 


Contractors offer the advantage of flexible working hours and willingness to accommodate inevitable changes during their contract. Today, many employers view this key attribute as an essential ingredient for success, and is something only achieved through contracted  staff. 

Quick fixes to employee headcount

Contractors offer a quick fix solution to regular employee absences which can impact on business productivity and team motivation. Whether its maternity leave, sick leave or peak season annual leave, contractors can be very helpful short-term solutions, eliminating the need to take on new and costly permanent employees by bridging shortages internal skills and headcount gaps. Fix-term contractors or temp workers are often specialists in their field due to the various working environments they’ve worked in, meaning they can offer unique insights and solutions to existing company problems.

Project implementation or company change projects require contractors that are readily available with the technical ability and strength to perform to a high standard from day one. Contractors for many organisations is a key and strategic resource that do not require resources such as training schemes or the time and effort of internal staff compared to permanent hires. Contracting os therefore a cost saving approach for organisations.  

Expert temporary fulfilment when looking for a permanent hire

Searching for the best quality permanent staff in the market can take some time to complete, with the period between interview to offer stage often taking several weeks. The notice period for middle to senior level professionals also needs to be taken into consideration, as this can be 3 or even 6 months, and without careful planning business critical work can be delayed. 

Contractors offer employers the flexibility to search for expert permanent staff whilst the interim period is fulfilled with highly skilled temporary professionals who can maintain the quality of work during this time. Contractors relieve pressure for hiring managers, preventing the hiring process from being rushed - ensuring you hire a high quality permanent headcount whilst not impacting on the business performance during this period.

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