Most companies choose experience over knowledge when headhunting for new employees, even in the case of a starter’s role.

A handful of potential candidates are put off by the idea of sending their application when they see experience is required as they fear their application will not be considered.  Dan Brown, Manager of Walters People Part-Qualified Finance division, believes that “for a lot of companies this is certainly a missed opportunity”.

Here are a few ways your company could benefit from hiring more graduates.

How can a graduate be an added value to your organisation?

A recent survey was undertaken by Walters People showing that 64% of employers channelled more effort into finding experienced and qualified employees compared to last year. Students have the potential to become the managers of tomorrow, so the appropriate action would be for companies to offer them the chance to shine.

Graduates have gone through a more recent education system covering the latest trends and developments which can help give your company a bright, innovative and refreshing outlook. Taking their modern mind and using it to upsurge your competitive advantage can be a turning point for your organisation. It is also highly beneficial for graduates as it means they have more of a chance of obtaining a full time job once they leave university.

Taking their modern mind and using it to upsurge your competitive advantage can be a turning point for your organisation

What relevant experience do graduates have?

We believe recruiters have forgotten that a lot of students already acquire valuable experience throughout their academic life. Being involved in extracurricular activities helps students develop interpersonal skills and shows that they have the personality to adapt to new environments. A student lifestyle is pivoted around change and adaption demonstrating that they have the ability to sharpen their organisational lifestyle quicker than expected.

Within modern education, placement years have become frequently more popular with no less than 75% of students being interested in or already involved in an internship. Having a year in industry will help post-graduates develop their skill set and helps them to focus on their career aspirations.

Why do students start their job search even before they have graduated?

These ambitious junior professionals have been brought up on the “first come, first served” basis so, why would that stop now?

70% of respondents have their mind made up on the type of jobs they will apply to before graduating and feel that a student job will influence their chance when searching for their first job.

The modern market and technology allow graduates to develop their professional presence using LinkedIn where they follow and are updated on the organisations they are interested in working for. Attending several job fairs further develops the chances of progressing in their job-hunt and finding a position they will be interested in fulfilling.

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