The impact of COVID-19 pandemic has meant that for many businesses, managing a completely remote and geographically dispersed team is the new normal - quickly adapting to these changes in order to continue business as usual whilst maintaining social distancing. While it's a new and challenging situation for us all, Walters People can support you through this time to ensure an effective remote-working team and continue business as usual.

Take a look at our remote recruitment advice to boost your team productivity and maintain your own work-life balance when working from your home office.

Remote onboarding guidance

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Are you geared up for remote onboarding? Hear from leading UK businesses on how they have successfully hired remotely pre and during the COVID outbreak. Listen to the full webinar on demand here.
As the business landscape evolves and changes, learn how your organisation can continue to hire and manage a remote working team. Learn more from the Walters people experts here.
Walters People have devised a guide to onboarding your staff from home, to ensure your new recruits can add value into your organisation from the get-go. Download your guide to remote onboarding here.

Walters People have the capability to provide candidates and clients with innovative video technology, from live interviews to solo pre-recorded ones which can be created at the candidates' convenience and sent to the client to review, also at their convenience. We can also provide video shortlists alongside supporting documents, such as CVs, test results and portfolios. 

We reduce the need for face-to-face interviews, time-to-hire and manage the entire recruitment process remotely - accelerating the efficiency and effectiveness of your onboarding process. 

For more information about our digital recruitment solutions, contact the team today

Remote recruitment advice articles

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