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Career advice during times of change

In the current turbulent business climate, uncertainty surrounding career and job stability is causing wider anxieties for professionals looking at long-term career goals. Whether you've just graduated and secured your first entry role, have been in your current role for some time, if you're currently job-seeking or if you are concerned about your current job security, take a look at our expert career advice articles, industry research and on demand webinars to boost your career momentum and to help you prepare for any eventuality.

How to keep your career on track - advice articles

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10 tips to prepare for your next job interview

Taking the time to prepare for an interview can mean securing your next dream role – and there’s more to preparing for a job interview than googling a list of common interview questions.

Is COVID-19 stalling your career?

With continuous ambiguity and uncertainty surrounding the employment market, many professionals are growing anxious about job security and the long term impacts the pandemic will have on their CV and career.

6 tips to future-proof your employability

How can you look to future-proof your career when on temporary leave, or facing redundancy? In a turbulent working climate, we explore the top skills that will enable you adapt to the new era of jobs.

How to upskill outside of the workplace

Want to take your development into your own hands? In our Keeping Your Career on Track series, we highlight online resources to take advantage of to broaden your skill set.

How to audit your skill set: FAQs

How can you work out the areas you need to focus on to plug any skills gaps or develop new skills to stop your career from stalling? We answer the common questions that arise when it comes to evaluating your skill set.

Five questions to help identify areas to upskill

With your long-term career goals in mind, we explore how you can identify areas you need to upskill in as part of the Robert Walters Keeping Your Career on Track insights series.

How to bounce back from redundancy

In the current climate, redundancies continue to be inevitable in many industries as businesses struggle to cope with the economic impact of this year. Read the full article for advice and support.

Explore our latest career advice webinars

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Job seeking during COVID-19

Join us and Nicholas Hirayama, Senior Customer Success Manager at LinkedIn, who will be sharing tips and insights on how to effectively search for a job in times of crisis.

Take control of career uncertainty

Join us and Jeremy Sturt, Co-Founder and Director of Just Add Water, to explore how to take control, rediscover and upskill during this period of crisis, including practical examples and exercises.

Succeed at working from home

Get our top tips on how to succeed when working from home. We address the most common styles - workaholic, daydreamer and reluctant recluse - and give you our top tips for overcoming your most common challenges.

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