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At Walters People, we pride ourselves on providing a fast-paced, innovative staffing experience. To ensure we match you with the best job as fast as possible, we encourage you to complete a video CV. This will improve your chances of securing your next role and enhance your employability. A digitalised video CV lets you describe your experience and skills in more detail, making the job matching process faster.

Why use video in your application? 

Video is a smarter way to sell yourself to employers. It's proven that candidates providing a video are much more likely to be taken through to the interview stage. Why? Video allows you to:

  •  Put across your personality in a way you can't with a CV 
  • Directly show that you have strong communication and presentation skills 
  •  Make your application stand out 
  •  Prove you have specific skills and experience that employers are looking for

Check out an example video here.

How do I create a video that will stand out?

Our friendly consultants have prepared some tips on how to create a video that will truly help you stand out from other applicants.

How do I prepare for my video?

Never script your answers as your video should be as natural as possible - we recommend either:

  • Practising a couple of times and answer the question naturally
  • Writing down keywords or bullet points to refer to when creating your video
  • Keep your responses concise – you have limited time to answer the questions so focus on the key points you want to get across to your employer rather than a monologue

How do I frame my video and what background should I use?

  • Always film in landscape rather than portrait
  • Make sure you’re in either the left or the right side of the frame – Robert Walters will add captions of key words and phrases during editing
  • It’s fine to film at home, but make sure you use a plain background with minimal distractions
  • Present yourself as you would in an interview, with professional attire

How to best record my video?

  • Keep your responses between 30-60 seconds
  • Avoid rushing your responses – slow down your dialogue and speak clearly and confidently
  • Record your video in an environment with limited background noise
  • Take your time – you’re in control of the content you send so it’s worth trying a few takes to get it right
  • Feel free to introduce yourself, but this is not mandatory as Robert Walters will add necessary captions during editing

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