Walters People Academy


No matter your profession, having a solid foundation is essential for your career.

That's why the contact with our candidates does not end when we find them a suitable job. To continue investing in the development of our candidates, we offer them high quality training and workshops both inhouse and through our e-learning platform. There are no costs for the candidate and the training is provided through partnerships with accredited institutions like NTI Zakelijk, Markus Verbeek Praehep en ARTRA.


Benefits for Walters People candidates:

  • Opportunities for further personal and professional development
  • Certified training, free of charge
  • Skills development with immediate effect


Benefits for Walters People clients:

  • Continuous development of our candidates
  • Workshops are free of charge
  • Saving time; no in-house organisation and coordination


Training catalogue 

Examples of training topics are Accounting Basics, Financial Assistant, Business English / French / German, Excel, Time Management and Effective Communication. View the complete overview of available courses.

Find out more:

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