Business Analysts rely heavily on technology to succeed within their role. With the use of technology growing within businesses business analyst are becoming increasingly more in demand.

As a business analyst you are the middle-man between brining together the technology specialists and the wider business. But how do you get into the role of a business analyst?

What personal qualities are required?

Like most job roles, excellent interpersonal and communication skills both written and verbal are highly valuable. As a business analyst you will have to explain a lot of technical and specialist’s topic to key stakeholders within the business who may not fully understand. It's therefore key that you can communicate the issues affecting the business in a more simple and comprehensive way.

You also need to possess a creative brain as you will be faced with having to find solutions and alternative methods to existing or proposed problems. Other personal qualities include having a proactive and dynamic outlook with a desire to make a difference, as well as having strong business knowledge. Being able to look at the finer detail as well as the bigger picture is also an incredibly valuable skill to hold.

 What are the key responsibilities of a business analyst?

Key responsibilities can vary widely, depending on the project you are working on, however, the main underlining responsibilities you will be expected to adhere to daily include:

·         Working with stakeholders at all levels in any given project

·         Improving the quality of services delivered by technology

·         Developing a clear understanding of all existing data requirements

·         Assisting with the integration and acceptance of various testing of technologies

A proven track record of working with various technological systems such as SQL and desktop data analysis tools is highly desirable

Is technical experience required to succeed in this role?

Hiring managers often see a good level of business understanding and the desire to make a difference more valuable than the technical side of things as this can usually be taught in-house. However, a proven track record of working with various technological systems such as SQL and desktop data analysis tools is highly desirable.

What is the earning potential as a business analyst?

Business analysts have the potential to earn a healthy salary. However, it will vary based on your position of seniority, location and company you work for. Basic salaries range between £35-65k per annum for permanent roles and £300-£500 a day for contract roles. The more senior salaries range between £65-95k per annum and £425-650 per day for contract positions.


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