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While securing a new job may be the biggest challenge, making a good first impression when you start is essential. No matter how much self-confidence you have, it’s natural to feel nervous and even intimidated as you try to find your way around.

But adjusting to a new job doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here are 5 simple tips to follow to make the best impression and start off right.


1. Do your research

You will have surely researched the company prior to your interview, but before your first day it is worth refreshing your memory and doing some more detailed research on the team you will be working with, such as their recent projects and achievements.

2. Contact your new manager

Email your manager to ask if there is anything they would like to you to do to prepare for your first day. This can cover anything from dress code to having particular work related apps on your phone. In any case, it is likely that it will make a good impression on your manager.

Starting a new job can feel intimidating, so remember that you were chosen out of many other candidates as being the best for the role

3. Take notes

New starters who come prepared to take notes in trainings are not only likely to learn more, they are also perceived to be serious and professional. So bring a notepad and pen with you and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

4. Say ‘YES’

Be social with your colleagues and take the opportunity to get to know people from across the business. The sooner you can begin building relationships with your new colleagues, the more comfortable you’ll be in your new company.

5. Take a tour

On your first day make use of your lunch break to familiarise yourself with your new surroundings. Learn where various departments are, particularly those you will interact with regularly, as well as supply areas for practical items like stationery or backup printers.

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