Who wants to be stressed over the holiday period? No one. However, it is easier said than done as there are still uncompleted tasks and your agenda can feel like it will never end! Luckily for you, we have collectively thought of five helpful tips to de-stress you so that you can live stress free this summer.

1. Do not panic

The best remedy for a stressful mind is relaxation. Failing to relax and putting your feet up will only make your stress more and the activities you need to complete will not be finalised at the best of your ability. Do not worry about having to catch-up over the vacation period, your colleagues know what to do in your absence!

2. Use a to-do list

After analysing your agenda, rank your tasks in order of complexity and urgency to allow yourself enough time to complete the more important responsibilities. Everyone loves visualising their success so make a list and tick each completed activity off as you go along. This will encourage a more stress-free and peaceful mind. On your final day, hand your list over to a member in your team, so they can follow up on anything you were unable to finish.

Rank your tasks in order of complexity and urgency to allow yourself enough time to complete the more important responsibilities

3. Ask yourself if you want to be contacted over summer

Some jobs require a lot of attention out of hours and would not be ideal if a colleague was unreachable. However, do not worry, we have a solution for you. Give your colleagues the relevant information about when and how to contact you in matters of an emergency. Planning with your team a certain time during your vacation when you will want to be contacted and updated will ensure you are still in the loop and understand what has happened whilst you have been away.

4. Don’t take on additional hours

Before holiday everyone needs to take time to pack and plan for their vacation, preferably without any additional stress. Attending meetings with clients is stressful so avoiding the more important meetings may be a good choice. Taking these additional hours home with you can aid your preparation for the break you’ve been waiting all year for.

5. Out of office messages

The last thing you need on holiday is to be bombarded with email and reminders when you are turning on your out-of-office messages. However, our advice is for you to turn it on a day earlier than usual the email inflow to decrease, making your phone less busy and stressful. 

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