What to do when you've been counter offered

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Congratulations! Great news! You have been offered a new job. All your hard work has paid off and you have been offered the role you really wanted.

Next step... handing in your notice to your current employer!

For some this is the most daunting step of the job search, for others it’s easy, they have already informed their employer that they are not happy or fulfilled in their role.

For those that dread handing in their notice; here are some handy tips and advice on how to do it in a professional manner.

Firstly, it’s not personal, it’s a professional career decision.

Have your letter prepared, confirming when your last day will be (in line with your notice period) and always thank your current employer for the opportunity they have given you.

Prepare what you will say in the meeting and think about when you will ask for the meeting, keep it polite and concise and no matter how your boss reacts, stay professional.

It’s likely that you may receive a counter offer from your employer during this meeting. In todays economic climate employers are finding it hard to find the right people with the right skills and cultural fit, so they will probably want to keep hold of you!

So how do you handle a counter offer?

Receiving a counter offer can be flattering but don’t let the promise of more money cloud your judgement. Here’s a few things to consider about the counter offer and why you shouldn’t accept one!

Reflect on why you decided to leave in the first place.

You will be pleased with yourself for a short time but securing a rise but ask yourself this… why did it take a resignation letter for them to reward you with a higher salary! Why not do it before now?

A bigger salary isn’t necessarily going to make the other reasons for leaving disappear. Think about if these issues can actually be resolved? Will the role become more exciting and challenging? Are the long-term career opportunities (that weren’t there initially) suddenly going to change?

If you do decide to stay; will your employer trust you? Will they be doubting your commitment, will you be side-lined for that promotion? How hard will you have to work to prove you are once again a loyal and happy employee?

Studies have shown that 80% of candidates who accept a counter offer from their current employer end up leaving within 6 months.

If you decide you still want to leave, thank your employer and reconfirm your last day with the company.

If you’re nervous or unsure how to resign or how to approach the counter offer situation, give your recruiter a call and they will help talk you through it.  

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