three ways to discover a company's corporate culture


So, you have just landed the ideal job offer that suits you perfectly. But what do you know about the corporate culture of the company?

We have channelled our time and effort to help you establish and assess a company’s values and standards in the most effective and efficient way. Following these guidelines will help you become a professional at discovering a company’s corporate culture:


Do some research

Investing some of your spare time into doing some background research can help you assess how attractive the job offer really is. Reading through the categories on the corporate website should lead you to finding out about the core beliefs, values and their mission statement to help you ask yourself, does this suit me? 

Organisations have started to catch onto the social media trend, posting about their social events and giving their clients the chance to see the face behind the name. Dedicating some time to scrolling through the handful of sites before attending your interview can give you a good indicator as to whether you think you would fit in with the workforce and allow you to see content that is not shared on their corporate website.

If you have been referred by someone who has experience working for the company already, don’t be afraid to contact them, this is not against the rules! Ask them about how they spend their time at work, is it enjoyable? Do they think you are suited for the role? This internal source of information can be helpful and make up how you feel towards securing the job.

Be vigilant during the job interview

Everyone is nervous when it comes to being under the pressure of a job interview, as we all want to demonstrate our good traits. However, keep calm and observe the environment around you, it will illustrate the corporate values of the organisation. How are you being addressed and welcomed? Are the current employees producing a friendly atmosphere? Observing your surrounding environment can help you perform and channel your energy into presenting yourself in a positive manner.

Do not be afraid to assess the company’s values and figure out the strength of the hierarchy within the organisation. Does the employer come across as accessible and approachable? You could also ask questions about whether the colleagues meet up outside of office hours. Fulfilling this small criterion can help you develop an image of the corporate culture. 

Encourage a dry run

Now it’s time to reflect on the job interview, do you feel content with how you performed? Did you analyse the corporate culture and visualise yourself being a part of the workforce? We suggest that you ask whether they offer an experience day where you can meet the team and to experience a day in the life of one of their employees.



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