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Job adverts can be overwhelming at times, right? Here at Walters People we can introduce you to some practical screening tips to cut down the time it takes to find the ideal job. All you need to do is read this article.

Start by filtering your job offers

What do you enjoy doing which shows your best interests and satisfies your ambitions? Linking your desires with a job is the first step you need to take, then you will be ready to filter the job adverts based on the relevant job titles.

Job sites operate on a regional level covering the whole country so you need to ask yourself how far you are willing to commute daily. Applying this to your job search will make it all less overwhelming and more controllable. There is nothing worse than finding the ideal job in the wrong location!

What are the job requirements?

Coming across an interesting job avert will happen and when it does, you will need to consider the requirements for the position. Comparing the required skillset against your capabilities and experience will help you get an idea as to whether you will secure an interview.

Do not worry. There is no such thing as the perfect applicant. No one ticks every box!

Find out about the organisation

Once finding the ideal job advert, research the company who issued it. Even if the job is perfectly suited for you, finding the core business and corporate culture can be the difference between sending off an application and moving on. If your personal values and cultures are opposite to the organisation’s, you will slowly experience difficulties. Exploring the company is a necessity for when you have an interview anyway, so why not do it before applying?

Elaborate on the job description

Elaborating more and going into more depth with research is a good way for you to dig deeper about the responsibilities of the job you are wanting to apply for and whether you’d feel comfortable fulfilling the role.

Job adverts can be confusing at times, especially when there is a lack of detail about what the job entails and the general idea of what the organisation do. Do not panic, if you look through the information provided, there is usually a contact number for any enquires and to find out more about the position available. Contacting the company demonstrates that you are eager to work and that interested in the opportunity.  

Enable job alerts

Setting an ideal criterion on job websites can help speed up the process. This is made easier by job boards as they now offer a subscription method where you get notified when your ideal job crops up. Having these automatically delivered to you saves you time and means you do not need to constantly be on the website.



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